About Us

Ham & Eggs Creative is an owner-operated web design company located in Hillsborough, NC. We work with small to medium organizations, non-profits and individuals (see our client list). We talk with our clients about what they want, and use our experience to build a site that’s attractive, organized, and works for them for the long-term.

We like good, functional design using proven technology and best-practice techniques. We pride ourselves on clean, accessible web design, copywriting, and content organization. Because we believe in empowering site owners to make their own content updates, we build each site on a content management system (CMS), so that site owners can edit text, add photos and even add new pages. In a nutshell, if you can type an email, you can update your website.

Elizabeth Hammond: Web Design and Development

Elizabeth Hammond - Ham & Eggs Creative

I’ve been designing and building websites since 1998 so I’ve seen a lot of change in the perception of good web design and development. I stay on top of advances in the web design industry by paying attention to industry resources such as podcasts, blogs, and books, and by participating in web design-related events in my area such as the Triangle Women’s Meetup groupFunction Pink and random AIGA (the professional organization for design) events. I’m a co-organizer of Refresh the Triangle, a group of designers, developers and other web professionals who meet on a monthly basis to discuss everything about websites. I’m also an advisory committee member to the Piedmont Community College Digital Effects & Animation program.

I live in rural Hillsborough, NC, with my partner Nathan and our dog Lucy. When I’m not building websites I like to play drums, bike, visit with friends and family, and make good food. Also, I’m highly influenced by homemade cookies.

About the name:

As a child my dad, Jim Hammond, was called “Jimmy Ham & Eggs” by his classmates in the 1950s. In addition to being a goofy way to include my last name in my work, it represents my beliefs about what websites should be for all who visit: simple and memorable.

Download Elizabeth’s resume.

When one person isn’t enough for the job, I team up with a variety of talented individuals including but not limited to the following: